Review Policy

1/8/15: Due to unforseen circumstances I cannot guarantee any requests at this time.  Feel free to contact.

Majority of the books I review on this blog, I've either purchased, gotten from the library, or Netgalley. This is my hobby. I do not receive any compensation for any reviews.
If you've looked over this blog, you've realized that I read just about everything.  

Genres I prefer to read:

Young Adult
Erotic (some)

Genres I generally do not read for review: 


All requests for reviews will be on a case by case basis. 
I read at my own pace. If I do accept your request, it does not guarantee a review.
If you have a time frame for a review, please let me know when you submit your request.

I usually post my review on my blog, which also is attached to my blog's fb and twitter pages, and my GoodReads page.

I own a Nook HD. If sending an e-book, Nook Books or Epub format is preferred. I may accept kindle or pdf formats as well. Hard Copies may also be considered. Again all of this is on a case by case basis.

Please submit all requests with the following pertinent information to "lbrychicsblog @"

Brief Description 
Publication Date
Formats Available
Time frame for Review

If I do not respond to your request within two weeks, please know that I do appreciate your offer but I must decline.

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