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Audiobook Review: Visions in Death by JD Robb

Title:  Visions in Death

Author:  JD Robb

Reader: Susan Ericksen

Genre:  Futuristic Romance Suspense

Series:  In Death #19
Published: May 2008

Source:  Purchased at

My Rating:  5 Stars

Book Blurb:
On one of the city's hottest nights, New York Police Lieutenant Eve Dallas is sent to Central Park - and into a hellish new investigation. The victim is found on the rocks, just above the still, dark water of The Lake in the park. Around her neck is a single red ribbon. Her hands are posed, as if in prayer. But it is the eyes - removed with such precision, as if done by the careful hand of a surgeon - that have Dallas most alarmed.

As more bodies turn up, each with the same defining scars, Eve is frantic for answers. Against her instincts, she accepts help from a psychic who offers one vision after another - each with shockingly accurate details of the murders. And when partner and friend Peabody is badly injured after escaping an attack, the stakes are raised. Are the eyes a symbol? A twisted religious ritual? A souvenir?

With help from her husband, Roarke, Dallas must uncover the killer's motivation before another vision becomes another nightmare.

My Review:
Another Great Listen!!! 

Good storyline. Psychics and Sensitives are involved. Eve and Peabody's relationship becomes stronger. Someone from the crew gets hurt. Twist in the end.  

A few Quotes from the story: 

Eve: "You know, I hear your friends say your cop is scary, mean and relentless. What do you say about that?"
Roarke: "Lieutenant, your friends say the same. Give my best to Peabody."
Eve: "I'll keep your best," she called out, "and give her what's left over."
“You're a cold bitch, Dallas."
(EVE:)"Yes, I am."
"Well, I suppose if I'd been murdered I'd want a cold bitch looking for my killer.”
Somerset: “You're earlier than expected, and appear to have gotten through the day without destroying any article of clothing. I must note this event down on my calendar."

EVE: "Bitch when I'm late, bitch when I'm early. You could go pro on the bitching circuit.” 

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