Friday, September 10, 2010

Elaine Viets

Dead-End Job series
Shop Till You Drop  
Murder Between the Covers   
Dying to Call You 
Just Murdered   
Murder Unleashed 
Murder with Reservations   
Clubbed to Death
Killer Cuts
Josie Marcus series 
Dying in Style: Josie Marcus, Mystery Shopper   
High Heels Are Murder   
Accessory to Murder 
Murder with All the Trimmings


  1. Thanks, Beth, for reading my two series. Hope you've enjoyed them.
    There are two new Josie Marcus Mystery Shopper novels: THE FASHION HOUND MURDERS is about a subject that's dear to my heart, puppy mills. It's entertaining, I promise, despite the subjet.
    My latest Helen Hawthorne Dead-End Job mystery is HALF-PRICE HOMICIDE. Helen works designer consignment stores and undergoes a major change in her life.

  2. I enjoy all your books, Elaine. I've read all of those over the last few years. Just trying to get organized and back into reading. I've slacked off the last couple years.
    Thanks for the heads up on the 2 new books. I'll be looking for them soon.