Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 2007 reads:

1. 7/9: Immortal In Death by JD Robb (futuristic rom)*** (audio-reread)
2. 7/9: The Sister Switch by Pamela Ford (superromance harlequin)**
3. 7/15: Rapture in Death by JD Robb (futuristic rom)*** (audio-reread)
4. 7/21: The Next Big Thing by Johanna Edwards (chick lit) ****
5. 7/22: Rapture in Death by JD Robb (futuristic rom) *** (audio-reread)
6. 7/23: All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris (paranormal) *** (library)
7. 7/24: The Quickie by James Patterson (mys/thrill) *** (library)
8. 7/31: Urban Shaman by C.E. Murphy (paranomal/fantasy) **


  1. Anonymous3:44 AM

    okay I know this is probably going to come off as really geeky but I wanted to say thanks- I love reading but Im horrible at finding new books/authors.I found this page and church bells went off in the back (figuritivley). Thought I might (try) and return the favor.
    some good authors:
    Erin McCarthy
    Gena Showalter
    P.C. Cast
    Kate Holmes
    Esther Friesner
    Katie Macalister and
    Lori Foster

  2. Thanks. This is exactly what i try to do at work too. Glad to have helped.