Thursday, January 4, 2007

Literary Chicks Winner

Well right after Christmas I received an email from the Alesia Holiday, one of 6 Literary Chicks. It stated that I won the December contest. The prize was a basket full of books and knick knacks worth over 200 dollars.

One big huge basket filled with:
a small hand bag
a round candle
a starfish picture frame
a photo album
2 books by Michelle Cunnah
1 ARC by Lani Diane Rich
1 book by Eileen Rendahl
1 book by Whitney Gaskell
2 books by Alesia Holliday
1 sneak peak by Alesia Holliday
4 books by Beth Kendrick

(ps. i stole the pic from them -- hope they don't mind)

BIG BIG HUGE Thanks to ALL of the Literary Chicks.

Go to their blog Literary Chicks

The only other thing I can say is :

Merry Christmas to Me!!! lol

I can't wait to jump into all these novels.

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  1. Lit chicks ROCK. Enjoy the books! I'm jealous!