Thursday, October 26, 2006

Witchling by Yasmine Galenorn

I picked this book up a couple of weeks ago. This is the first of a trilogy. Three sisters who are half-faerie and half-human who are stationed Earthside for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. Their powers don't always work the way their suppose to. Delilah is a shape shifter who happens to shift into a tabby cat especially when she's stressed out. Menolly is a vampire. Camille, main character of this book, is a witch who can't always guarantee the outcome of her magic.

Sisters of the Moon trilogy: (the next 2 books)

Changling comes out June 07 (Delilah's story)

Darkling comes out Dec 07 (Menolly's story)

Unfortunately i'd been in a reading funk and it took me alot longer than usual to read this book. Of course I ended up staying up WAYYYYYY too late to finish this book and now I can't wait for the other 2 to come out.

Check out her website. She's even got a pronunciation guide for her books.
Yasmine's Website

I'm gonna have to look for Yasmine Galenorn's other series now too.

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