Sunday, May 1, 2005

April 2005 Reads:

1. The Eyre Affair by Japser Fforde
2. Every Boy's Got One by Meggin Cabot (i think thats what her name was on this book)
3. The Devil Served Tortellini by Shirley Jump.
4. Total Rush by Deirdre Martin
5. Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult
6. Just a Taste by Bronwyn Jameson (Silhouette Desire: Dynasties: The Ashtons: April 05)
7. The Devil's Corner by Lisa Scottoline (ARE -- comes out in June 2005)
8. Christmas Bonus, Strings Attached by Susan Crosby
9. Mafia Chic by Erica Orloff


  1. Anonymous5:34 PM

    I enjoyed Every Boy's Got One ... did you?

  2. i sure did. It was interesting that alot of it really happened to the author and some of it was a little out there too. LOL