Saturday, April 9, 2005

Current Reads:

im rather bad at sticking to the books i say im reading next. I've put down The Truth about Love only to start the library book my mother just finished, Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult.
Only to read a new book yesterday and today since im out of town.

I never take library books on trips with me. Im visiting with my b/f and playing on his computer since he had to go to work. It always sounds bad when i say this but seem like i always read more in a shorter amount of time when im visiting him.
I've brought a handful of books with me to read including The Truth about Love so i might be able to finish that one this weekend (or not). Ive brought shorter books to read too so i may just knock those out first.

When i get home on Sunday, im gonna be playing with all my books anyway. I got my dad to bring a 5 shelf bookcase home for me. I couldn't resist in was only 30 bucks and i do need more bookshelves to actually put books on instead of my vast collections of frogs and Eeyore.

well i think i'll go start reading again.

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