Monday, March 14, 2005

Unfulfilled and my Next Read

Stranger in the House by Patricia MacDonald.

While she is a favorite of mine, this book wasnt. Maybe if i read it closer to the time it was originally published it wouldnt have been so bad. I just felt like i'd heard the story line too many times. Kidnapped/Missing Child returns after 11 years.... blah blah blah... Just kept remembering Deep End of the Ocean. I also feel the story was cut a tad short. What happened when Iris told Edward her "secret". Ok so Iris wasnt really a main character but I think i still would have liked to find out what happened "after" the story broke in the news.

It could just be because i like Law & Order and CSI too dang much... i wanna be like Paul Harvey and know "the rest of the story." LOL

I think my next read is going to be: "Alone" by Lisa Gardner. I've had it sitting in the living room for the past week and its a library book that i know someone else is waiting for. (since i do the reserves at the library... LOL)

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