Sunday, March 13, 2005

My weekend and Next Read: Stranger in the House by Patricia MacDonald

Its may sound pretty bad but i always seem to get more reading done when I visit my boyfriend for the weekend. LOL
I mean i finished reading The Good, The Bad and the Undead by Harrison and completely read Through Violet Eyes by Woodworth and almost finished Stranger in the House by Patricia MacDonald. I also bought 2 books when i was down there too (With Red Hands by Woodworth and Shall We Dance? by Kasey Michaels).

Now if i could only find Jane Feather's new book.... im not even sure if its out yet... Almost a Bride)

Ive also found out that Stephanie Laurens has a new one coming out too. Its a spin off of the Bedwyn series. Its about the teacher's at a Women's school in Bath (if im not mistaken).

after i finish Stranger in the House, i think im gonna start Drop Dead Blonde. Its an anthology of mystery/humorous authors including Elaine Viets and Victoria Laurie. Can't Wait but now that i remember i do have a library book i need to read so i might start that next.... Alone by Lisa Gardner.

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