Monday, February 14, 2005

Chocolate Puppy Puzzle

by Joanna Carl

Signet Mystery, December 2004 ISBN: 0-451-21364-5Paperback Original
When a handsome gray-haired gent who claims to be a movie producer appears in Warner Pier, Lee’s suspicions are immediately aroused. But romance novelist Maia Michaelson is convinced the newcomer is going to make a film of her novel, and Aunt Nettie is being swept off her feet by the suave older man and his charming chocolate Labrador puppy. Soon Lee and boyfriend Joe Woodyard find themselves trying to solve a mysterious disappearance – and a murder.

what i say:

I want the next book already.... but i have to wait til the Fall... *pouts*
this is the 4th in Joanna's Chocoholic books. I just love them.

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